• At least 5 workshops in different domains: Going ahead with our free workshop programme called SANKALP by our alumnus, in the 2018-19 session we further plan to diversify our programme by including various workshops in different fields from different companies based in and around Kolkata. One such recently concluded workshop was the IOT workshop, conducted by MyWBUT.

• Yearlong student-run classes for developing basic skills: In a country where 94% students are unemployable, developing basic skills is the need of the hour. Reshaping the set of skills we have is a must when it comes to landing a decent job. Keeping this in mind, there are various classes held by the members of E Cell on numerous topics such as content-writing, web development, public corporate relation, team management, group discussions, etc. to groom the students in soft skills.

• Internship opportunities and placement opportunities: With the E Cell currently in talks with wide range of companies and building the “startup database”, the benefits of joining the E Cell becomes manifold. E Cell members might also get an edge over others because of direct access to contacts, along with special mock HR interviews and mock placement sessions.

• Freshers’ orientation and a completely revamped E Summit: To grant opportunities to everyone in college, the E Cell has decided on an ‘Internship Fair’ in the days preceding the E Summit. The recruiters from various companies will try to hire potential candidates for various jobs.

• Exposure tours to several IITs and IIMs: Tours to various IITs and IIMs will give the members of E Cell the much-needed expertise to know about the prevailing market scenario necessary in launching a start-up. Also interaction with associates of such esteemed institutes would not only provide a remarkable chance of becoming a part of a network but it might also give one the chance get together his/her own dream team to convert “blueprints” into “business” and become the next big name in the market.